Overview Students use the INFORM Strategy to research and organize knowledge to purposely share with others. They consider various topics for a speech including an object (such as an unusual sculpture), a place, a person, an event, a process, an idea or concept or an invention. Students may use an interactive map or paper/pencil to record main ideas and details and create their introduction, body, and conclusion. They include reasons, examples and comparisons to help clarify and support information, they make the speech flow by adding transitions, and they practice delivering the speech. Structure of the CD Program Welcome & Introduction; Choosing a topic (activity); Speaking Styles; Characteristics of Formal/Informal (Activity) The INFORM Steps/Step Blaster (game); Example Speech; The INFORM Map; Steps-Review Quiz 1; Delivery; Choosing an Attention Grabber (activity); Supporting Statements (interactive); Examples of transition words Quiz 2; Practice speech (map & delivery activity); Informative Strategy Checklist; Generalization activities

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