We are committed to supporting teachers in their extraordinarily challenging assignment of teaching academically diverse classes. To assist in that mission, we have established and continue to nurture the SIM International Professional Development Network. Members work with districts, schools, teachers, state departments, and colleges and universities to prepare teachers and other educators to effectively use SIM materials. To learn about SIM experts who are available to work with you, contact us at simpd@ku.edu or 785.864.0626.


Before we promote new instructional procedures resulting from our research, they must meet our rigorous standards: Every instructional procedure must be palatable for teachers or they won’t adopt it for classroom use. Procedures must be powerful enough to make a difference for low-achieving students and must be perceived as valuable by high- and average-achieving students. Students must be able to use skills and strategies in a variety of settings and situations. Finally, our procedures must result in socially significant gains for students. A procedure that results in an increase in performance from 20 percent to 40 percent might be statistically significant, but it is not socially significant because the student is still failing.

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