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Proficiency in Theme Writing: Informative Writing

Author(s): Jean Schumaker

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises,

This product is published by Edge Enterprises, Inc.  Professional development is recommended, see the SIM Event list for sessions.

Writing a short theme may be daunting, but what about a research paper?! Double daunting!! Whether in history, science, or literature classes, students often have to study a topic, take notes, organize the information, and write about it in an instructive and informative way.

This instructional program builds on the Fundamentals in the Theme Writing Strategy instruction to enable students to complete all those tasks well. Students learn how to research a topic in subject-area resource materials or in literary texts. They also learn how to make digital or paper note cards and reference lists and to use in-text citations and quotations. By using a TOWER Diagram, they organize their information in a way that helps them write about it. Through the use of sophisticated transitions, they ensure that their paper flows throughout. The end product is either a short or long research paper that meets the required criteria for any type of course. Teachers can access additional handouts and other materials through a digital link that accompanies the program. Teachers provide the instruction, and they score student practice attempts and provide important feedback to ensure students reach mastery.

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