"Students use the PERSUADE Strategy to develop the skills needed for effective persuasion by learning" "how to organize, prepare, and present information in a way that is convincing to others. Students research their topic and present information using facts, statistics, and examples to skillfully and responsibly persuade others to accept their way of thinking or to take action. They think about ways to grab the attention of the audience and they create their speech including a clear introduction, body and conclusion. They add visual aids, transitions, and rhetoric, practice delivering it, and evaluate their own performance." "The Structure of the CD Program" "v❖ Welcome & Introduction" "v❖ Responsible persuasion (activity)" "v❖ Speaking Styles (Formal/Casual activity)" "v❖ The PERSUADE Strategy Steps" "v❖ Step Blaster (game)" "v❖ Example speech" "v❖ Using the steps (the outline) v❖ Attention grabber (activity) v❖ Transition words (print)" "v❖ Delivery techniques (activity)" "v❖ The PERSUADE Strategy Checklist" "v❖ Quiz" "v❖ Practice Activity"

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