The Lesson Organizer Routine helps teachers "frame" a lesson so students see the big picture. Through use of the routine, teachers introduce and build a lesson so students understand the main idea of the lesson, relate the lesson to their background knowledge, understand how the information is structured, distinguish the most important content from the less important, and understand what they are expected to do.

Research has shown that regular, explicit, and flexible use of the Lesson Organizer Routine by secondary classroom teachers can have a significant influence on student learning. In one study, secondary teachers' use of the routine resulted in increased identification of important elements in a lesson and increased verbal recall of information by low-achieving students and students with learning disabilities in general education classes. In a second study, when the instructor used the Lesson Organizer Routine to introduce a reading assignment, students with learning disabilities earned significantly higher scores on a test over the assignment than students in a comparison group. A third study combined teachers' use of the Lesson Organizer Routine with use of the Unit Organizer Routine. Results showed that students whose teachers regularly and consistently used the Lesson Organizer Routine scored an average of 15 percentage points higher on unit tests than students whose teachers used the routine irregularly.

The Lesson Organizer Routine Research

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