The Assignment Completion Strategy is designed to enable students to complete and hand in assignments on time. The package consists of two books: the Instructor's Manual, which provides step-by-step instruction for teaching this strategy, and the Quality Quest Planner, a spiral-bound notebook designed specifically for student use with the strategy. Each Instructor's Manual comes with one Quality Quest Planner and contains the materials needed to teach the strategy, including blank copies of the forms used with the planner. The planner contains sufficient forms for recording, scheduling, and evaluating assignments for an entire academic year.

Performance results in general education classes showed that the number of students who simply turned in their assignments before learning the Assignment Completion Strategy was 43 percent with the percentage increasing to 77 percent after students learned the strategy. Before learning the strategy, the number of student who did the assignment correctly was 45 percent. After learning the strategy, the number of students who did the assignment correctly increased to 73 percent. Research results have shown that after instruction, students turn in more of their homework assignments on time and get better grades on those assignments than they did on similar assignments before instruction. Most also receive better quarterly and semester grades.

The Assignment Completion Strategy Research

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