For some students, addition difficulties begin with single-digit basic facts, but, for others, problems emerge when the curriculum progresses to multi-digit addition, especially if regrouping is involved. When students struggle with computation and word problems that require regrouping, specialized instruction is needed.

The specialized instruction in the Addition With Regrouping program includes concrete and representational lessons that involve the use of base-ten blocks and drawings to represent the regrouping process. These three- and two-dimensional models ensure that students conceptually understand WHY regrouping is needed. This understanding enables students to determine when regrouping is needed, remember the process involved in regrouping 10 ones into a ten or 10 tens into a hundred, and retain this important information over time.

Once conceptual knowledge is gained, students learn the procedural steps that must be followed to obtain accurate answers with problems involving numbers only. Finally, fluency is developed through motivating minute timings and exciting games using the “pig dice” that accompany the manual. Who knew computation and word problems that involve addition and regrouping could be so much fun?

Research: Addition with Regrouping

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