Images of micro-credentials.

Strategic Instruction Model™ micro-credentials put your SIM knowledge on display. Micro-credentials, commonly known as badges, recognize your investment in professional learning and your dedication to giving your students the evidence-based interventions and tools that can make a difference in their lives.

Getting Started for Educators

Your journey toward earning a SIM micro-credential begins with identifying a SIM Professional Developer with whom to work. Learn more, from initial steps through public display of your achievements...

Getting Started: Active Professional Developers

As a part of your Strateworks membership, you can showcase SIM qualifications and skills on your own SIM Learning Strategy and Content Enhancement Routine professional developer micro-credentials. Learn how to activate yours today...

Getting Started: Awarding Credentials to Others

Are you working with a teacher who would like to post evidence of participation in SIM professional learning or fidelity of implementation of a SIM intervention? Do you know a teacher who would like to demonstrate proficiency in instructing others in the use of a SIM strategy or routine with fidelity? Learn how to award a SIM micro-credential...

SIM Micro-credential Levels

Five levels of SIM micro-credentials indicate increasingly deeper levels of learning and practice. The micro-credentials can be earned individually, and subsequent levels can build upon previous levels.