Xtreme Reading - Austin, TX

Xtreme Reading has been nationally recognized by the Institute of Educational Sciences as an intervention program that works. In the year-long reading class, students learn eight Strategic Instruction ModelR Strategies to build skills in the areas of vocabulary development and reading comprehension as well as explicit Strategies for classroom behavior, motivation, and goal-setting. Teachers are provided with all of the curriculum materials needed to teach a reading intervention class including detailed daily lesson plans including course and unit organizers. The IES data indicated students enrolled in the Xtreme Reading Intervention class demonstrated a growth of 3-4 grade levels in reading after a year of instruction.

In this initial 2 day workshop, Xtreme Reading participants will receive instruction in Classroom Management, Achieve/Champs, Possible Selves, Motivation and Team-building strategies as well as two valuable Vocabulary structures.

Participants will also have paid seats in two of our Reading workshops which are part of the Xtreme Reading program—the Paraphrasing and Self-Questioning Strategies.

The cost of the Xtreme Reading program includes all of the curriculum materials from the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, four days of SIM Professional Development at Region 13, three days of on-site Xtreme instructional coaching, and a minimum of six distance learning opportunities including ZOOM meetings and webinars. This initial cost will be a one-time payment with only ongoing coaching and training for new teachers to be considered in consequent years.