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Comments about SIM

Q: Have you seen improvement in student performance after implementing SIM Strategies/Routines?

  • A: Students are telling me that they are seeing the words or word parts that we have been identifying in our Word Mapping sessions, which is helping them understand word meanings/vocabulary. They are comprehending more of what they read.~ Middle School Teacher, VA
  • A: Students have benefitted from inferencing strategy in improved quality of inferences and ability to identify question types. ~ High School Teacher, MO
  • A: My students are more focused and are providing more thoughtful responses. ~ Elementary School Teacher, CA
  • A: Test scores improved from a 58% to 76%. ~ Middle School Teacher, VA
  • A: Self-Questioning has increased my students ability to make accurate predictions.
  • Q: What would you like us to know about your experience with SIM materials?

  • A: I really like a lot of the SIM material that I have been exposed to in class/in professional development. I think they are great ways to teach middle school students skills, such as sentence writing, or strategies to help organize ideas during every day activities.~ Middle School Teacher, NY
  • A: I think the SIM Unit Organizer is very important to a classroom. It helps students visualize the timeline of what is going on. ~ Middle School Teacher, VA
  • A: I really enjoy using the strategies I have learned. I love the consistency and the data collection.~ High School Teacher, MO
  • A: SIM Unit Organizer helps my pace during a lesson. I already know what I am teaching/going to put on the SIM material 3 weeks out! ~ Middle School Teacher, TX